Saxoncourt Poland Offers New Language Course to Travelling Sales Professionals

Target and Shane Language Training (Saxoncourt Poland) offers its corporate clients more than just individual lessons, group lessons, or lessons through Skype.  We have recently introduced a new product – English for Traveling Sales Personnel.

The lessons aim to develop fluency and comprehension skills, through active involvement, while students are driving with a hands-free telephone device. The telephone lessons are directed at multinational companies with large sales teams that spend most of their working hours on the road.

What is intriguing about English for Traveling Personnel is the flexibility that it offers companies to integrate language tuition into their organization by enabling employees to learn at their own time, during work hours.

The lessons generally only last 30 minutes and are short, intense lessons, specifically targeting a learning need. The student and teacher both decide on a day and time each lesson takes place, allowing flexibility, freedom, and control for the travelling salesperson.

The teacher closely guides the lessons to ensure that the salesperson can focus on driving and concentrate on the lesson at the same time. It is important that the student prepares prior to each lesson, therefore lesson material is sent to the student well in advance. The teacher then takes charge of the lesson by asking questions and enticing conversation to help reinforce the target language.

We have, so far, established this unique type of language tuition for 43 travelling sales personnel.

Target and Shane Language Training Team

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