Ozzie K

I am writing to give my opinion, so far on my journey living and working in china for Shane English. To begin with first, I am 25 years’ old, my name is Usman (Ozzie is my nickname) from Manchester England.

After completing my [TEFL] course in the summer of last year. I asked the company I did it with, if they could pass my details over to any company that is interested in hiring. A few days went by anD Shane English got in touch with me. I had my first skype interview, with [Saxoncourt Recruitment] in Taiwan. It went smoothly, and I got a big insight into the company and realised how big it was and that it covered different countries around the globe. I was advised there was positions available in China, so my details where passed to Shane English in Zhangjiagang, China.

A few days went by and they got in touch. We had an interview, everything went great and I felt this city was a great place to begin my journey, due to the modernisation of it, considered a clean city and also a model city. I got all my documents in check and flew out to China in November 2017.

My overall feeling was an overwhelming sensation, new country, language etc. But I was ready to immerse myself with in it. I was picked up by the school and everyone was friendly and very welcoming.  The first few months where difficult to adjust find my way about and just adjusting to a whole new culture and their way of doing things.

But I can honestly say I am enjoying every moment being here, the people are friendly and helpful. The staff at Shane have been great and if I needed anything they have been there for me. I have to give credit to Shane for helping me realise my dream and being able to seize the moment. I had always wanted to travel but was worried about one thing or another.

But when Shane came along I made the jump and I have not looked back since. I implore anyone to join Shane English. It will develop you as a person and even bring out qualities in you never thought you had.

My overall opinion Shane English is a wonderful company to work for and an opportunity you can’t miss.

Ozzie is Shane English Foreign English Teacher in Zhangjiagang, China.