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Make All the Difference in the World

You can make a difference, but only if you act. Don’t miss your opportunity to open a Shane English School and make your mark on the world.

Opening a Shane English School is the best way for you to make a difference.

There are lots of businesses you could run to make money. A Shane English School is the way to make a difference. 

  • Improve your students’ prospects.
  • Work with an international team of educational professionals.
  • Provide leadership to your community.
  • Own your own business and provide a valuable service.

Is Shane English School right for you?

A Shane English School is an incredible opportunity to own your own business and contribute to your community, but opening a language school is a challenge. Use the Shane Advantage to achieve success in the education field.


Why open a school?

There are many reasons to open a school. Here are a few of the things that motivate Shane English Schools’s continued mission of teaching English to  thousands of students around the world.

Make an Impact

English has become the common language of science, business, entertainment, and more. A firm foundation in the language is a head start in any field.

Shane English School’s teaching system specialises in teaching English to young learners. With comprehensive English courses starting at a very young age, our teaching systems change lives for the better.


Contribute to Your Community

If you had the chance to make your community a better place, would you do it? If you could improve the future prospects of your family, friends and neighbours, how would that feel?

You can find out with Shane English School. Our program has a strong focus on improving communication, fostering connection, and Character Education. We believe in the power of communities to achieve great things together.

Achieve Your Own Success

A language school represents not just a centre of the community, but a profitable enterprise. One school has the tendency to become two schools, three schools, or even your own master franchise.

Shane English Schools have a long history of success around the world. With hundreds of locations, thousands of staff, and many thousands of students, we know the shortest path between you and your goals.

Why Shane?

Shane English School has a long history of success in teaching English around the world. We have the tools to help you, your staff, and your students succeed. Be part of a global team at the local level with your own Shane English School.

Teaching Methods That Get Results

Shane English Schools uses a variety of teaching methods based on age and language levels. Our methods range from the well established to the cutting edge. We provide all our schools with the structures they need to be successful educators. And if your situation requires additional flexibility, Shane English school offers additional support at the regional level.

World-Class Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are the core of any lesson. Shane English School boasts a complete curriculum covering ages 4 to 14. Start teaching students from their first English class and see them grow through the years. All in-house teaching materials also match Shane English School teaching methods, making them part of a turn-key teaching package.

Teacher Training and Recruitment

Get top-quality educators through Shane English Schools’ recruitment arm, Saxoncourt Recruitment. Through an extensive network of online and offline resources, we are can find teachers to fit your school’s needs. We will also provide continued support in the form of training and communications with you and the teacher to maintain both teaching quality and job satisfaction.

The Power of a Brand

This is your chance to be part of an international brand. Shane English School has opened hundreds of schools that have taught multiple generations of language learners in its 40-year history. But there is always room for one more team member. Put the strength of the Shane English School brand behind you as you change the world for the better.

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