Why Learn at Shane English School?

Our Mission

To provide the highest-quality English language education combining the best learning materials with the most qualified teachers, while facilitating international relationships.


Surpassing expectations to enable students to realise their dreams.

A Strong TeachingĀ History

Shane English is an internationally known brand withĀ four decades ofĀ history. We are pioneers in multiple areas of theĀ English-teaching industry and haveĀ English language centresĀ around the world. Our wealth of experience in education will provide you with what you need to reach yourĀ English-learningĀ goals.

Excellent Teaching Quality

At Shane English School, we recognise that everyoneĀ learns languageĀ differently. OurĀ teachersĀ adapt theirĀ English lessonsĀ to individual students’ needs. We focus on preparing them for real-life encounters with other English speakers.

Our insistence on employing only 100% TEFL-certified English teachers, and following strict recruitment criteria, has ensured quality as the foundation of the system.

Teachers guide and support studentsĀ throughout theirĀ studies, providing interestingĀ English lessonsĀ and offering helpful feedback.Ā We makeĀ English classesĀ as interactive as possible to engage students in the skills they are practisingĀ and to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

All methods used have been proven to help students acquire and use the English language. With younger learners there is an emphasis on meaning through context, similar to how we all naturally learn our mother tongues.

We focus on the four core language skills with speaking and listening being the key to forming the building blocks of the English language. Reading and writing progress alongside at the appropriate developmental stages.

Other key benefits are accurate and natural pronunciation and intonation, appropriate use of vocabulary, grammar, and functional language. Combining this approach with native-English teachers yields incredibleĀ results!

We Care about Our Teachers

Central to our beliefsĀ at Shane English School is that teachers be fully qualified. TeachersĀ need to have gone through completeĀ training before beginning toĀ teach at Shane.

Teacher development is theĀ cornerstone of ourĀ success. With regular workshops, lesson observations, and feedback throughout the year, Shane ensures that teaching quality isĀ maintained and studentsā€™ needs are continuously being met in the most effective and professional manner possible.

Students CanĀ Learn a Multitude of Skills

At Shane English School ourĀ young learnersĀ have the opportunity to take part inĀ special events, includingĀ speech contests, spelling bees, sportsĀ camps, and other annual activities. The community spirit developed through these activities helps motivateĀ students to make English a natural part of their daily lives. In addition, Shane English School offers popular shortĀ coursesĀ that meet seasonal demands, particularly during the summer and winter vacation periods.

A Global Presence

Because we are anĀ international organisation, we can offer studentsĀ study opportunitiesĀ beyond their home country. Students becomeĀ part of aĀ global network, including the opportunity to study abroad either in English-speaking countries or other Shane Schools where English is the common language. Students stay with ShaneĀ to take advantage of these international opportunities.

English Courses for Everyone

At Shane, there isĀ something for everyone. We haveĀ English programmesĀ for students from ages 3 to 83. For more thanĀ four decades, our English teaching system has stood the test of time. We continuously striveĀ to serve ourĀ students and corporate clientsĀ as we face theĀ challenges of the future together. Join us on our journey!

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