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Tips for Learning English Grammar: Part 1

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
  When most students hear that they need to study grammar, they cringe. Grammar is connected to feelings of boredom and fear. Grammar does not need to be boring, nor does it need to inspire feelings of fear. Grammar is an important part in any language; the more you practice your grammar and get it […]

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
There are three basic ways to build your English vocabulary: read, watch, and speak. As new English learners, we often struggle to convey what is inside our mind when speaking to other English users because there are not enough ‘guns’ (words) in our vocabulary arsenal. Vocabulary is one of the fundamental aspects of fluent English. […]

4 Tips for Learning English Faster

POSTED ON May 31st  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
There are many ways to learn a language. Here are four easy tips you can start doing right now to learn that language even faster. Whenever you are learning something new and the process seems too slow, you might wonder how you can speed up the learning process and get to the end goal (like […]

Tips for Improving Your English Speaking: Part 1

POSTED ON May 22nd  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Speaking a language that is not your mother tongue is not something that comes naturally to most learners. Sometimes, the focus in the learning process is placed on understanding; writing, speaking and reading skills are neglected. In addition to neglect, speaking a language that is not naturally one you grew up with takes a lot […]

How To Learn English: Use Your Smartphone

POSTED ON May 15th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
These days our phones can almost do anything: order us a pizza, keep us in touch with friends around the world, and tell us the weather. However, if you use your phone correctly, it can also help you improve your grasp of the English language. Here are three simple ways your smartphone can help make […]

Using Your Learning Style for Language Learning

POSTED ON May 8th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Do you know your learning style? It may be the key to your success in learning a language if you use it! There are 7 types of learning styles. Many people find a combination of two works best for them. Visual Visual learners like to see what they are learning. They learn best by using […]

5 Things You Can Do NOW to Improve Your Language Skills

POSTED ON April 17th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
  Classes and books are certainly important, but we can’t be actively learning that way all the time. There are lots of little things you can do right away to improve your language skills. Let’s jump right in and learn some handy language-learning trick to get the most out of every day of your life. […]

The Importance of Good Pronunciation

POSTED ON April 17th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Phonetic skills are often ignored by many English learners. Meanwhile, correct and clear pronunciation is as important as, for instance, listening and conversational skills. And I’ll try to explain why. The Importance of Pronunciation It is a recognised scientific fact that a child born in any country of the world can learn to speak any […]