Language Learning Tips

Practice Mindfulness and Learn a Language

POSTED ON October 16th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Meditation can be a huge help in learning to speak English. A language learning blog might be the last place you would expect the advice to meditate. What does meditation have to do with learning English? Meditation has a number of health benefits. In relation to language learning specifically, meditation improves concentration and memory, [...]

Ways to Remember New Vocabulary

POSTED ON October 9th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Listening, speaking, grammar, reading, writing—all of the skills and aspects of English require one obvious thing: words. But how can you remember all of them? Different learners have different systems. If you don’t have one at all then keep reading! Here we will share with you three of the best and most common ways that […]

Learn English by Telling Stories

POSTED ON October 2nd  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Story-telling can help you develop powerful language skills. One of the best ways to train your mind to learn anything is to make a story out of it. Thousands of years ago, tribes would gather around fires to share the myths of their gods, natural events, and ancestors. Today we gather to watch stories on […]

Learn English by Going to the Movies

POSTED ON September 25th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
What you watch as you learn English effects how you learn the language. I get the question from many of the people I have tutored in English. What should they watch to make their English better? At first, I cannot think of just one thing that would do the trick. Like with life, variety is […]

Learning English with Mobile Applications

POSTED ON September 11th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Learning English proposes a challenge for learners who are constantly preoccupied with other matters, especially among the working people. We tend to get distracted with work and forget to schedule our lesson. Nevertheless, with the ever-changing technology of mobile digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, language learning [...]

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking English

POSTED ON September 4th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
The fear of speaking English can be strong, but there are ways to get around it. The fear of speaking English can be paralyzing. It is the same for language learners and students in general. One thing to remember is that with language, you have to be wrong sometimes. That is the only way to […]

What to Read When You Are Learning English

POSTED ON August 28th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
What should you read when you are trying to learn English? English. When you are learning English for the first time, everyone has an opinion on what you should read. Some tell you to follow the news. This can be useful for learning new words and pronunciation. Others might tell you to stick to the […]

Websites to Help Your Children Practice English at Home

POSTED ON August 21st  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
There are a large number of language learners who have spent a long time studying English, but who are too nervous to use English with their children. If you have spent time studying English, share the gift with your children to help them study too! Here are some websites you can use with your children […]

Language Learner Tips: Remembering New Words

POSTED ON August 14th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
When you are learning a new language, you spend a lot of time learning new words. It can be difficult to remember all the new vocabulary you’ve studied, particularly when you first start learning a language. Here are some top tips to help you remember more of what you study. Limit Yourself Don’t try to […]

The 7 Learning Styles and Tips for Using Them

POSTED ON August 7th  - POSTED IN Language Learning Tips
Do you know your learning style? It may be the key to your success in learning a language if you use it! There are 7 types of learning styles. Many people find a combination of two works best for them. Visual Visual learners like to see what they are learning. They learn best by using […]