English Courses for Teens

English Courses for Teenagers

Our teenage English courses have a strong international focus and prepare students for success at university and beyond.

Internationally-focused lessons teach real world topics and real life situations
Skills for standardised international English exams
Speaking and listening for communication
Improved reading skills
Higher-level writing skills development
Grammar taught using real-life contexts
Engaging and authentic texts
Phonics and pronunciation development
Vocabulary range development
Access to our e-learning platforms
Teens English Classes

All our EFL (English as a Foreign Language) qualified teachers are trained in getting students to communicate and have an understanding of English language learning and acquisition.

English Course levels for teenagers range from A1 – B2 on the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Students will study real-world topics in English with an emphasis on the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Group activities encourage collaborative work, while study groups help create a productive and social environment.

Teachers present the language using meaningful, universal contexts and also focus on the grammatical forms, pronunciation and language appropriacy.

‘Freer activities’ give students a chance to use the English language in ‘real life’ situations. Students will gain confidence and a greater understanding of how and when the language is used. This also gives the teacher a chance to see if the students have genuinely absorbed the target language.

English course books, as well as authentic texts, are used which provide additional contexts for the language, thus expanding what the students know. There is an emphasis on freer-writing, which will help the more senior students when taking international standardised English examinations (such as IELTS). Graded readers (fictional and non-fictional storybooks) are used to further motivate students and improve their rate of English learning in other areas.