English Courses for Kindergartners

Kindergarteners English Classes

Our Kindergarten English courses are cross-curricular and are concerned with the complete development of your child.

Fun, interactive lessons
Language development (speaking, listening, reading, basic writing, grammar, phonics)
Fine motor skills development
Co-ordination / Gross motor skills development
Logical / mathematical development
Increased social interaction
Creative development
Establishment of a routine
English Courses For Kindergartners

We understand how important your child’s early learning experience is to you.

At Shane we encourage interaction with others, making sure that language is meaningful, useful and functional. We ensure students are motivated to communicate by creating the right environment for learning English.

In order to help our students ‘fossilise’ the English they have learned, we expose them to the same language and vocabulary time and time again in varied but appropriate contexts. We focus on presenting meaningful situations using fun English language activities, such as games and songs. Using hands-on experience and practical activities, such as arts & crafts also helps with English language acquisition.

We endeavour to create an environment where the only language they are exposed to is English. This method of ‘total immersion’ is the most natural way to learn a language. It is the way that we all acquire our native language from a young age (children do not naturally ‘learn’ a language – they acquire it).

Shane students work on projects and tasks using English as the communicative medium and therefore develop a need for the English language (they must use it to communicate), which enhances their English ability.