English Courses for Children

Childrens English Classes

Our students learn how to express themselves in English and develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Development of speaking and listening for communication
Reading for pleasure and vocabulary-building
Emphasis on phonics and pronunciation
'Freer' writing taught for exam preparation
Grammar taught in context
Improved vocabulary range
Periodic, practical 'special' courses which focus on a variety of subject areas, such as science and history
English Courses For Children

Setting your child up for success.

At Shane English School, children learn English in the classroom but they will also find a use for it outside in their daily lives as well. In our experience, the immersion style of English teaching delivers the best results because children’s speaking and listening improves greatly due to their need to communicate.

The idea of ‘immersion’ English teaching is rather like going to a swimming pool. If you go to the swimming pool and just play with the water, you do not learn to swim. You have to get inside the swimming pool and really be surrounded by the water to feel the need to learn to swim. When you have the need then you have the desire and motivation, and swimming skills develop much faster. In our children’s classrooms, we create an immersive environment along with setting regular milestones and awarding progress.

The Shane Primary English Course (SPEC) for children is designed to introduce and practise key vocabulary, pronunciation, situational language in use, and grammatical structures that are needed for children to move from Primary School level through to a High School level of English language ability. So when the students are preparing for junior high school and senior high school, their English speaking and listening is already in advance of where they need to be.

English language is introduced through varied communicative activities, which lead to strong, fluent and accurate speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our supplementary materials reinforce grammar, vocabulary acquisition, and pronunciation.

Special courses are held during vacation periods which focus on fun topics such as science, history, movies, arts & crafts, professions, etc. In these lessons, the focus is on learning a variety of subjects by taking part in practical activities whilst immersed in an English learning environment.

Each classroom is well-equipped to deal with young learners, and a Teaching Assistant (TA) will be present to help the teacher make each and every lesson a success!