English Courses for Adults

English Classes For Adults

Improve your career prospects by studying English at Shane and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face teaching.

Real communicative situations using engaging and motivating topics
Speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice
Conversation skills development
Skills for standardised international English exams
Communicative approach with underlying grammar and vocabulary-based syllabus
Pronunciation, stress, and intonation training
Accuracy and fluency focus
Authentic materials
Access to our e-learning platforms
English Courses For Adults

Our English courses for adults emphasise the practice of English in realistic contexts and provide students with a solid language foundation and ample opportunities for speaking.

General English conversation is a part of each lesson and our teachers adapt English texts to suit their students’ needs. All classroom tasks are designed to be broadly communicative with an underlying grammar and vocabulary based syllabus in which correct pronunciation, stress and intonation are also taught.

While we stress a communicative approach, equal emphasis is given to all four English language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students achieve a practical understanding and confidence in using the underlying grammatical structures. Students have the chance to freely use the target language in real, communicative situations using engaging and motivating topics.

English conversations are topic-based and are used to complement book-work. Conversations range from the very guided (low-level students), to freer, less structured (higher levels). Teachers will adapt each English lesson to the levels and capabilities of the students.

Teachers use tried-and-tested teaching methodologies in which teachers act as facilitators and co-communicators. These communication patterns allow students to maximise speaking opportunities which helps them to improve their confidence, accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation.

Authentic English materials such as newspaper and magazine articles are also integrated in order to improve reading and writing. Special attention is paid to content and meaning.

Whether you are preparing for a standardised international English exam (such as IELTS), or would like to learn English for a specific purpose (such as business), or you just want to improve your conversation skills, we have an English course for you!