Education technology continues to advance every year. And while e-learning is not likely to replace teachers anytime soon, it is a useful tool to supplement traditional classes.

And with advanced Artificial Intelligence driving the program like in Rich Morning or Gymglish, students get a supplementary learning experience that adapts to their needs.

Digital Learning Tools

In the Digital Age, there are more options than ever for language learners. Shane English School has its own digital learning tools, starting with the Shane Spelling Bee app.

The Shane Spelling Bee app is designed to mimic live spelling bees and give Shane English School students worldwide another way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

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E-Learning for Kids

As part of the Saxoncourt Group, Shane English School has is own curriculum optimised for its teaching outcomes and style.

E-Learning for Adults

Shane English School’s teaching methods include both time-tested principles and the latest in educational theory and pedagogy.

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