The aim at Shane English School is for our students to improve their English, and to develop the ability to speak, write and understand English with confidence. Compared with more traditional schools, our teaching methods encourage students to think in English and use it naturally.

In order to maintain the optimum teaching environment, group class sizes are limited to 16 students maximum.

Study English at a Shane School near you!

Our Kindergarten English courses are cross-curricular and are concerned with the complete development of your child. Find out more about our English courses for kindergartners!

Our young learners learn how to express themselves in English and develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Find out more about our English courses for children!

Our teenage English courses have a strong international focus and prepare students for success at university. Find out more about our English courses for teenagers!

Improve your career prospects by studying English at Shane and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face learning. Find out more about our English courses for adults!

Learn English from the convenience of your own office, school, or home, where teachers will deliver customised English lessons tailored to your needs. Find out more about our outside English lessons!

Personalise your English learning experience by having Private English Lessons at Shane. Find out more about our one-on-one English lessons!

Learn English using a totally new approach, developed by media and video-gaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience. Find out more about our e-Learning lessons!

Shane English International Kindergartens embrace the concept of whole-person education. Through professional guidance, children are encouraged to try new experiences, and not be afraid of making mistakes as they make their journey into the world. Find out more about our International Kindergarten Curriculum!

Are you learning a language? Come and see our learning tips from teachers and other language students just like you!


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