Celebrating Twenty Years with Shane English Schools Taiwan

pc3-mr-chiu-shane-lipscombePanchiao 3 is now Taiwan’s longest running Shane English School franchise. The owners, Mr. Chiu and Ms. Wu, were invited into corporate office to meet with founder Shane Lipscombe and be recognized for their long dedication to English education in Taiwan.

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Mr. Chiu opened the school twenty years ago as a tribute to his English professor in university. Since then, he has established Panchiao 3 as a pillar of his community. Students from this school excel academically, ranking well on English-language examinations and competitions. 

What sets this school apart from others, however, is its focus on students’ characters as much as their English abilities and test scores. Mr. Chiu describes his four principles of teaching as Appreciation, Trust, Responsibility, and Honour. 

Appreciation: The school itself is an exercise in the appreciation Mr. Chiu has for his university professor, Dr Snyder. The spirit of thanksgiving is present at all levels of the Panchiao 3 experience.

Trust: The school actively fosters trust with the students and families of students to assure quality education. The result is long-term students and a stable learning environment.

Responsibility: The teachers and support staff at Panchiao 3 accept their responsibility as a formative force in students’ lives, and they take this role very seriously.

Honour: Students are encouraged to excel, and their accomplishments are honoured by school staff, fellow students, and students’ families.

Mr. Chiu and Ms. Wu are excellent examples of their four principles outside of the classroom. To ensure the continued education of existing students, Panchiao 3 has special programs for families who have fallen on hard times. The school’s community involvement is such that the school has become a touchstone in the Panchiao area of New Taipei City. 

The school’s future remains as bright as its past. While the original students have grown up and moved on to adult life, the school remains to teach a bright new generation. Already, many students have gone on to academic and financial success both at home in Taiwan and abroad in the rest of the world. At Saxoncourt Group and Shane English Schools, it is clear that Panchiao 3’s well-deserved reputation for excellence will continue for a long time to come.

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