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Saxoncourt Poland Begins New Business Relationship with The Talking Stick

POSTED ON January 23rd  - POSTED IN News

Saxoncourt Poland is pleased to announce a strategic business relationship with Mówiący Kij (The Talking Stick) – a coaching service provider, catering to multinational companies.

Mówiący Kij provides personal development and coaching services (in Polish) to corporations throughout Poland. The company also organizes themed, English summer camps for children in the Mazurian Lake district located in central Poland. It will also be acting as a study abroad agent for The Caledonian Language School, a member of the Saxoncourt Group in Edinburgh.

Mówiący Kij’s children’s summer camps, and children’s educational day trips, are based on experience and knowledge in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, and management. Their corporate coaching services involve company integration events, aimed at increasing employee productivity, along with various personal developmental workshops. Mówiący Kij’s success has been the ability to work with corporate employees to help them achieve the personal efficiencies needed to be profitable.

This strategic partnership will help strengthen Saxoncourt Poland’s sales potential within the corporate market. The combination of Mówiący Kij’s corporate coaching services and children’s English summer camps, along with Saxoncourt Poland’s, in-company English language services, will provide both operations more access to potential clients, through client sharing and shared website advertising.

The collaboration will allow both companies to benefit from each other’s regional coverage and improve overall sales. The partnership brings many synergies through the use of existing skills, resources and products, and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, training and development opportunities for our corporate clients.

Joining forces will increase sales potential for both companies, and we believe that our new partnership will be long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

Ringing in the New Year with New Friends

POSTED ON January 17th  - POSTED IN News

Right between the International New Year (1 January) and Lunar New Year (this year it falls on 5 February), Saxoncourt Taiwan and Shane Education got together to ring in the New Year together. New friends and old came together for a night of fun.

It was a grand time seeing friends from work cut loose, enjoy some fine food, and raise a few glasses to each other in the spirit of the New Year. We enjoyed a prize draw for staff and teachers spread out through the night (with some games thrown in for variety). And the leaders of each company serenaded the crowd with favourite rock ballads (sorry, no video).

The event was a huge success bringing together the two companies for some fun after becoming two separate entities earlier in 2018. We wish all our staff and associates a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Shane Academy Opens in Azerbaijan

POSTED ON December 24th  - POSTED IN News

A global brand, Shane English School, has expanded its borders and operates in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This past summer, Saxoncourt was thrilled to welcome new master franchisors from Azerbaijan. Zhala Bahramova and Elnur Ahmadov are husband and wife team responsible for the first school in  Azerbaijan.

Bir dünya brendi olan “Shane English School “ öz sərhədlərini genişləndirərək Azərbaycan Respublikasında da fəaliyyət göstərməkdədir.

Zhala Bahramova, the founder of Shane Academy in the Republic of Azerbaijan, has been teaching more than 13 years of academic English in her own country.  She has been trained at the most prestigious universities in more than a dozen countries of the world and has been working in various international language courses, is proud to be the founder of the Shane English School’s Azerbaijan branch. Her goal of opening an English language course in her own country is to create more opportunities for Azerbaijani students to study English.

Akademiyanın Azərbaycan Respublikasındakı tesisçisi Jala Bahramova artiq 13 ildən çoxdur ki, öz ölkəsində akademik ingilis dilinin tədrisi ilə məşğuldur.  Dünyanın bir çox ölkəsinin ən prestijli universitetlərində ixtisas təcrübəsi keçmiş və müxtəlif beynəlxalq dil kurslarında fəaliyyət göstərmiş Mrs.Jala Bahramova “Shane English School”-un Azərbaycan filialının təsisçisi olmaqdan qürur duyur. Mrs. Jala Bahramovanın öz ölkəsində ingilis dili tədrisi kursunu açmaqda meqsedi, burada təhsil alan tələbələrə ingilis dilini öyrənmək üçün daha geniş imkanlar yaratmaqdır.

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan has started its activities in only a short time, the Academy has been working hard to achieve great successes and uses the language teaching methodology taught here worldwide.

Az bir müddətdə Azərbaycanda fəaliyyətə başlamasına baxmayaraq, akademiya böyük uğurlara imza atmaq üçün əzmlə çalışır və dünyada tədris olunan dil tədris metodikasını burada tətbiq edir.

Shane has more than 300 offices and schools in 13 different countries around the world and has only one school in the Republic of Azerbaijan and operates in the capital, Baku. But our goal is to increase the number of our academy branches in other cities of our country.

Dünyanın 13 müxtəlif ölkəsində filialı və 250-dən çox məktəbi olan “Shane”-in Azərbaycan Respublikasında yalnız bir filialı var və paytaxt Bakı şəhərində fəaliyyət göstərməkdədir. Amma bizim hədəfimiz ölkəmizin digər şəhərlərində də akademiyamızın şöbələrini açaraq sayını artırmaqdır.

We are sure that we will be one of the leading schools among Shane’s branches by gaining greater success as a result of great labour, perseverance and love.

Böyük əmək, əzm və sevgi nəticəsində daha böyük uğurlar qazanaraq “Shane” məktəbləri arasında ən öncül məktəblərdən biri olacağımıza əminik.

Shane Education Opens in Hong Kong

POSTED ON December 21st  - POSTED IN News

December 2018 saw the opening of the first Shane school in Hong Kong. Following a cooperation agreement signed in 2017 between Saxoncourt and its Hong Kong partner, Shane Corporation Hong Kong Ltd., the latter spent one whole year preparing for the rollout of Shane franchise operation in Hong Kong.

The official opening of the first franchise school in Hong Kong, Shane Grace Choi Education Centre, was officiated by founder Mr Shane Lipscombe, International Marketing Director, Mr Eric Peterson and many local dignitaries on 8th December 2018. It was a day full of fun and excitement for the staff and many parents in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the event was marked by special greetings sent by many overseas Chinese in the form of traditional Chinese poetry.

As a distinct feature for Hong Kong, Mathematics and later also Chinese will be offered to the public through franchisees, and for this reason, Shane Education becomes the new branding for the Hong Kong operation.

Saxoncourt Group Passes the Torch to Shane Education Taiwan

POSTED ON October 4th  - POSTED IN News

“Things are changing… Things are changing quickly and in a big way.” – Shane Lipscombe, Founder of Shane English Schools and Saxoncourt

In September’s regional Shane English School franchise meeting in Taipei, Taiwan, founder Shane Lipscombe completed the handover of Shane English School Taiwan and finalised its new identity as Shane Education.

Though Shane Education has been acting separately from Saxoncourt Taiwan for several months, this was when the two companies’ new relationship was formalised with Taiwan’s franchisees. Mr Lipscombe offered up an impassioned speech about his love of the company he built, though ultimately he has decided to leave the school in the good hands of Shin Kong Global Venture Capital Corp (新光國際創業投資股份有限公司), becoming a shareholder and consultant of the new company rather than a day-to-day decision maker.

“There are still opportunities to grow in Taiwan… [but] the world is calling to me, so what do we do? Do we open in Azerbaijan or more in Taiwan or go to China? There are too many opportunities now. It’s good! Many people are coming to us. They want our franchise here or they want to buy books there, or they want us to train their teachers some other place… I think that over the [last] forty years we have a good reputation for all the things we do in the English language business: having our own schools and franchise schools, training teachers and recruiting teachers, sending teachers to universities or kindergartens, making books and selling books, having bookshops, and so on. So it’s taken 40 years, but I think we have a good reputation worldwide… I was delighted to hear of the opportunity of working together with our friends here today at Shin Kong. I think this is the perfect opportunity for Shane English School in Taiwan.” – Shane Lipscombe to franchisees, September 2018

The Shin Kong team is headed up by Alex Lin (林皓昱) and Dr David Li (李光斌). Mr Lin has extensive experience in a variety of fields as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, and his role as a university lecturer intersects with the education sector. Dr Li has likewise spent time teaching at Taiwan University as an assistant profession, and his expertise ranges from engineering to finance.

Though they have parted ways in some senses, Shane Education and Saxoncourt are still closely linked by shared history and complementary goals of preparing this generation of English learners for the opportunities ahead. And through it all, Mr Lipscombe will continue to act as a consultant to Shane Education whenever his experience can benefit the organisation. Saxoncourt – and Shane English School internationally – offer the newly minted Shane Education all the best.

News from Caledonian Language School: Thailand Students Visit and New Business Manager

POSTED ON July 25th  - POSTED IN News

In April 2018,  Caledonian Language School welcomed a group from Shane Business English and Study Abroad, Thailand. Fifteen young learners and their leader, Nattaya Longjamnong, enjoyed two weeks in Edinburgh, enjoying fun classes at the Caledonian, and going on trips to the Highlands and York.

They were particularly excited to meet Shane Lipscombe, who was in town for a visit.

We’re delighted that they are planning to return in October this year, to enjoy a further taste of Scotland.

In Other News: Caledonian Appoints New Business Manager

We are delighted to announce that Silvia Llera has joined us as School Business Manager. Silvia has a strong background in sales and marketing, and her varied experience includes the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a variety of posts in the hospitality industry as well as a spell in a language school in Spain. Her energetic approach and likeable personality make her a real asset to the organisation.

Welcome, Silvia!

New Release: Shane Spelling Bee App

POSTED ON April 30th  - POSTED IN News

In 2018, the Saxoncourt Group has released its newest educational tool: the Shane Spelling Bee mobile app. The app is currently available worldwide on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

The Shane Spelling Bee is designed to simulate a live spelling bee using Shane English School’s curriculum. The free app includes spelling practice for levels 1 to 3; the words come from Shane English School’s SPEC series, Books 1 to 3. Shane Spelling Bee’s full potential is unlocked with in-app purchases (or Shane English School students are eligible to get student numbers assigned to unlock all content).

In their first session, users choose a username that appears on leaderboards. Once signed in, there are three levels of gamified spelling activities:

  • Practice mode that is unscored.
  • Standard mode where scoring puts usernames up on leaderboards.
  • Timed mode where users get as many correct words as possible within a time limit.

To play a round, users select the level they want to practice and then set the options for that round. They can choose how many words they want to practice, and whether or not they get assistance in the form of image prompts and letter spacing. And then the user goes through the spelling bee with audio prompts (in British and American accents). At the end of each round, points are assigned and added to the user’s total for a place on the leaderboards. And then they can do it again!

The app was designed as a learning tool to help Shane English School students practice the spelling words found in their textbooks, but the format of the app is such that it will assist any students with their spelling and vocabulary retention. Specifically, students can develop skills in:

  • spelling and phonics
  • learning and retaining vocabulary
  • listening comprehension (in multiple accents)
  • having fun while learning!

The app is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). To find out more about the app or to get student numbers for your school, contact us here.


Saxoncourt Poland Offers New Language Course to Travelling Sales Professionals

POSTED ON April 27th  - POSTED IN News

Target and Shane Language Training (Saxoncourt Poland) offers its corporate clients more than just individual lessons, group lessons, or lessons through Skype.  We have recently introduced a new product – English for Traveling Sales Personnel.

The lessons aim to develop fluency and comprehension skills, through active involvement, while students are driving with a hands-free telephone device. The telephone lessons are directed at multinational companies with large sales teams that spend most of their working hours on the road.

What is intriguing about English for Traveling Personnel is the flexibility that it offers companies to integrate language tuition into their organization by enabling employees to learn at their own time, during work hours.

The lessons generally only last 30 minutes and are short, intense lessons, specifically targeting a learning need. The student and teacher both decide on a day and time each lesson takes place, allowing flexibility, freedom, and control for the travelling salesperson.

The teacher closely guides the lessons to ensure that the salesperson can focus on driving and concentrate on the lesson at the same time. It is important that the student prepares prior to each lesson, therefore lesson material is sent to the student well in advance. The teacher then takes charge of the lesson by asking questions and enticing conversation to help reinforce the target language.

We have, so far, established this unique type of language tuition for 43 travelling sales personnel.

Target and Shane Language Training Team

2018 Shane Franchise Meeting Introduces New Materials

POSTED ON March 28th  - POSTED IN News

On Mar 23, 2018 Shane English School Taiwan held its franchise meeting at National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範大學).  The keynote presentation was a teaching seminar for brand new courses and materials.

Shane English School is a 41-Year brand that focuses on English teaching that keeps improving itself to become a more professional and unique in English teaching resource.

This year, we are glad to introduce our new courses and materials to you. It includes Total English Secondary (TES) Course, which will replace our Children’s Elementary Advanced (CEA) and Children’s Junior (CJ) courses for junior high school students. We are also rolling out Rising Stars, which will replace our existing Children’s Kindergarten (CK) and Children’s Kindergarten Intensive (CKI) programs. We are also introducing an ESL course update (Math and teacher’s manual) and rolling out GEPT courses.

Our partners attended new courses seminar, presented by Academic Director Toby Shaw presented, and had a good interaction with franchisees and DTEs. According to Shaw, “It was great to see everyone who managed to make the trip up to Taipei, as this was a fantastic chance to update schools on the progress we’ve made on refreshing our courses in 2018. This is a big year for new courses and materials, and I’m looking forward to seeing their positive impact in the classroom.”

Why don’t you take some time to visit our schools? We can’t wait to meet you and show you all the exciting new developments.

2018 Shane English China Annual Franchise Meeting

POSTED ON February 20th  - POSTED IN News

From February 5 to 8, the Saxoncourt Group and Shane English School met with franchise owners and teachers from around China.

Saxoncourt and Shane English School founder Shane Lipscombe travelled to China with Eason Wang (China Business Development Director), Toby Shaw (Group Academic Director) and Luke Schofield (China Recruitment Manager). The team attended numerous banquets and formal events as per Chinese custom, and then everyone had an opportunity to share knowledge and experience during the main event at the Yangzhou State Guesthouse (揚州迎賓館 ) on February 6 and 7.

Among the ceremonies were presentations plaques to distinguished schools, including the Chengdu, Baotou, Ningbo, and Nanjing schools (among others). Other franchises – like those from Beijing, Baotou, and Dalian – came farther than most to attend. See the photos below for founder Shane Lipscombe presenting these awards to school owners and academic teams.Extra thanks go to the Yangzhou franchise team, who acted as our gracious hosts.

Shane China Certificates

Likewise, there were talks about academic methods, new learning materials, and accolades for schools that may not have received a plaque but were worthy of distinction. For example, Kunming’s school recently won an award as the city’s top English school. According to Ran Ran from Shane English School Chengdu, “This was the best franchise meeting ever.” [translated from Mandarin]

One of the main issues put forward was increasing the number of high-quality teachers going to China franchises via Saxoncourt Recruitment. The recruitment team is excited about the new challenge, and requests for more teachers are rolling in. In the words of Luke Schofield, “Before going to Yangzhou I was excited to meet the schools as I had heard good things about the schools and their staff.  The conference had a very positive atmosphere and a lot was learnt by all involved. After meeting the schools involved I am very excited for the future and am confident that collectively we can take the Shane brand from strength to strength.”

The head office team, led by Eason Wang (pictured) also introduced our new Magic Pen, an electronic pen that can assist students in reading, listening, and pronunciation. According to Toby Shaw, “Practice and review outside the classroom is a crucial part of learning a foreign language, and these pens will give students the opportunity to do this without parents needing to have a higher level of English. Consequently, this makes faster advancement in English study more accessible for students.”

Overall, the two-day franchise meeting was a massive success. There were new friends, great food, and fun times as we looked forward to a new phase of English education in the region.

In the words of founder, Shane Lipscombe: “I really enjoyed the first all China franchise meeting, and I hope everyone agreed it was good to be able to meet fellow colleagues from all over China (from Kunming to Baotou to Dalian).

A big thank you needs to go to Demi from Yangzhou school who looked after us all so well. And everyone was impressed by the excellent job Demi has done with her schools in Yangzhou. So successful!

I’m already looking forward to the next all-China meeting which is likely to be in November this year.”